blogger to wordpress

Pros of doing the switch

  • WordPress is flexible and feature rich. With certain plugins you can have:
    • Automatic sharing across social platforms.
    • Automatic posting using an editorial calendar.
    • Newsletter signup prompts.
    • Endless font choices.
    • And so much more.
  • WordPress has a very large support system if you have questions or need help.
  • You can customize blog post link structure.
  • You can monetize your blog any way you want.
  • Your blog can grow and transform to an informational, E-commerce, membership website, or forum.
  • Custom email addresses.
  • WordPress can support many more languages.


  • Varying levels of downtime depending on the host.
  • The learning curve. This will take time and a lot of patience if you’ve been using Blogger for awhile.
  • SEO is not automatic.
    • There are great plugins that do a lot of the heavy lifting for you but ultimately you’ll need to be more vigilant about certain details, such as giving your images relevant titles and alt tags.
  • You’ll need to keep up with all updates and backup your site regularly. Not only to keep the site running well but also for security reasons. WordPress sites are easier to hack by default.
    • The good news is that there are 2 great plugins that can automatically update and backup your site!
    • The bad news is that because many features come from different sources, they are not always tested with each other. This means that sometimes updates can break your site because the new code doesn’t always play well with code from other plugins. One of the main reasons why it’s very important to always have backups.
  • You’ll need to pay for WordPress hosting.
  • The database will need to be cleaned and storage upgraded as your blog grows. This can get pricey once you’ve hired an SEO wizard to cleanup and upgraded storage and bandwidth through your host.
    • Large image files and the process of testing plugins can really slow down a site. Many clients ask to have their site “made to go faster” about every 6 months.
  • AdSense and Analytics are not connected automatically.
  • No more Google Followers in a neato widget on your site.
  • If your blog is currently featured on Bloglovin’, you’ll need to write them to update your blog feed.
  • If Google+ comments are enabled on your Blogger setup, we cannot transfer these comments to WordPress. The comments actually reside inside of Google+ and not Blogger. This means that comments will be lost during transfer. Please refer to documentation on this setback here: and


Another option is switching to the free platform for a while to learn the basics and see if it’s a good fit for you. (self-hosted) sites are more advanced and offer more flexibility as well as a wider range of options.

Source: ShoutMeLoud


Blogger vs. WordPress: The Ultimate Comparison


Owned by:

Google, Inc.


Can you map your existing domain name —

Yes (it’s free)

Yes (but it costs)

You get a storage space of:

Virtually Unlimited

Because there is no limit on the number of posts that you can have. Go here to see the other limits on Blogger.

However much you purchase through your hosting provider.

What about the storage for images?

If you have upgraded your Google account to Google+ then your photos will be stored in Google+ Photos and you get 15 GB free storage. Otherwise, your photos will be stored in Picasa Web and it gets you only 1 GB storage.

Same as above.

How many photos can you upload?

You can upload unlimited media because only photos over 2048×2048 pixels and videos longer than 15 minutes count toward your storage limit.


Can you upload word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, presentations?

No, but you can upload them to Google Drive and share its link.

Yes, you’ll just need some third-party plugins to assist.

What is the file size limit?

There is no limit but they recommend file sizes up to 1 GB.

Depends on the plugin and hosting plan.

Is there a limit on page size?

Individual blog posts do not have a page size limit but individual blog pages (home, archive pages, etc) have a page size limit of 1 MB.


Is there a limit on data transfer or bandwidth?


Depends on hosting plan.

Do they show ads?



Can you display your own ads?

Yes (You can monetize the blog with AdSense or any other ad networks).


Can you invite team members?

Yes, you can add new admins and authors.

Yes, you can add new administrators, authors, editors, and contributors.

Can you upgrade your blog?

No, there are no premium plans or upgrades available.

Yes, using third-party plugins.

Can you connect your blog to your social media channels to automatically share your content?



Can you publish a new blog post by email?



Can you customize the theme?



How many themes are available?

You can install the available ~ 50 themes or can find one from the internet.


Can you install 3rd party themes?



Can you install 3rd party plugins?

There are no plugins for but you can add widgets with custom codes.


Can you add scripts or custom codes?



Do you get FTP access?



Can you integrate Google Analytics?



Can you import content from other blogging platforms?

No, but you can import content from another blog.

Yes, you can import content from, LiveJournal, Posterous, Tumblr, Xanga, etc. and also from other WordPress blogs.

Can you edit comments?



Can you password protect posts?



Is your blog search engine friendly?



Can you access the blog via mobile?



How can you organize your content?

You can organize your posts by using Labels.

By using Categories and Tags.

Modified from: Minterest

Source: Blogger vs WordPress Comparison. The Complete List of Pros and Cons


If that all sounds good to you, let’s get started!!


– Blogger to WordPress migration
– Installation of WordPress
– Installation of Premium Responsive Drag and Drop WordPress Theme ($69 value)
– Transfer of Posts, Comments**, Labels/Categories, Pages, and Sidebar widgets
– Matching Blogger design
– FeedBurner Readers/Subscribers
– Redirection of traffic to new domain (if new domain is purchased)
– Redirection of nameservers if needed
– Redirection of already purchased domain (either from blogger or another domain seller)
– Fix of permalinks
– How-To tutorials

FREE automatic updater, backups, and spamshield plugin installs and configuration with EVERY WordPress website order!

*This does not include any hosting or domain fees.*

*This package does not include a new design.*


STEP 1: After purchasing, please send:

+ your domain registrar login

+ hosting login (if separate)

+ add us as an admin on Blogger ( or send your Blogger login info

To add us as an admin in Blogger:
1. Login to
2. Click on the site name
3. Go to Settings
4. Under Permissions, click +Add authors
5. Paste hello [!at]
6. Click Invite authors
7. Only after we accept, can you then go in and set our permission to Admin instead of Author

+ Let me know whether you’d like your new premium WP theme to match your Blogger theme (included), if you have a WP theme you’ve already purchased and would like me to install it (included), or would like a custom design (extra).
— If you’ve already purchased a WordPress theme, send files to hello [!at], login of the site where you purchased the theme, or upload theme files to Dropbox and share the link with hello [!at]

+ Login information for each social media channel if you’d like me to connect them to your new blog! This will enable automatic sharing across all your channels when you publish a new blog post.

+ Visit WordPress.COM to signup for an account, confirm your new account via email, and send the login info

+ Visit to signup for an account, confirm your new account via email, and send the login info

+ If you would like to have your site updates saved to Dropbox (recommended), please send your Dropbox login info. Don’t have Dropbox? It’s free storage! Signup here with my referral link:

STEP 2: Once we receive your login info, we will get started.

STEP 3: We’ll hand over your new WordPress site!


If you aren’t sure who should host your WordPress site, just contact us. We have a tutorial for that, too!

Please note, this listing is for the Self-Hosted version of WordPress(wordpress.ORG). Please contact me if you are looking for a wordpress.COM upgrade instead.

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