How To Connect to Your Site via FTP

What is FTP?

File Transfer Protocol, it’s used to transfer files between your local computer and a network, typically.

The Free FTP Client we’ll be using is FileZilla.  So before we get started go ahead and make sure you have FileZilla downloaded on your computer.

  1. Open FileZilla
  2. Click the Site Manager
  3. image03
  4. Click New Site
  5. image05
  6. Put in your site & host’s settings.
  7. Since I typically use FatCow for hosting, these are the settings for SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol):
  8. Host:
  9. Port: 2222
  10. Protocol: SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol
  11. Logon Type: Normal
  12. The User and Password will be the same as your main FatCow login information
  13. User: sitenamecom
  14. Password: ***********
  15. image02
  16. Click Connect
  17. image00
  18. Pause – we just setup the Site Manager to save our settings so the next time you login to FileZilla, you will do Steps 1 & 2 then…
  19. Under My Sites, you’ll see the site you just added.  Click the site.
  20. Click Connect
  21. Play
  22. The left-hand size of the window is your local computer (Local Site:), and the right-hand side of the window is your host’s server (Remote site:)
  23. image01image04
  24. Done!

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