1. Login to your Dashboard
  2. Visit your homepage (Example: http://instantentity.com)
  3. Click on the Search icon in the top right corner of the admin bar
  4. Search for shockwave
  5. A list of posts will populate, for each post replace the shockwave video with embedded video
  6. Right-click on Post title, open post in new tab
  7. Edit Post – on admin bar at top
  8. Copy video link
  9. Highlight all object code, in between and including object tags
  10. Click Add Media
  11. Click Insert from URL – Paste the video code from above
  12. VERY IMPORTANT – make sure the correct video populates here before proceeding.  It needs to show the author’s face, title, and have a proper duration time.  If a black screen shows with no duration, exit this window and go back to the code inside the object tags to find another video link to try.
  13. Click Update – Click Update for the Publish confirmation window popup
  14. Once the Post has updated, close this tab.
  15. Go back to the shockwave search list, and repeat step 5 for every post listed here.  Once you reach the bottom of the page (after updating 5 or so posts), click << Older Entries to continue with the shockwave posts.

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