How to Extract an Image Using Gimp 

  1. Grab the Laurels graphic elements image from freepik
    • Click Free Download
    • image07
  2. Find the image, right-click on it, open with… Gimp
  3. image01
  4. In Gimp, use the Rectangle Select Tool to draw a square around the butterfly you want to use as my favicon
  5. image02
  6. Draw the square as close as you can to the edges without cutting anything off
  7. image10
  8. Fine tune the square by grabbing the side handles and adjusting – when you get near the side of the box, the cursor changes to show a yellow box on that side.  Grab the yellow box to pull the sides of the box closer.
  9. image04image03
  10. Right-click inside the square, go to EditCopy
  11. image06
  12. Right-click inside the box again, go to FileCreate – From Clipboard
  13. image09
  14. Now you should be in a new tab looking at your cropped image.  To zoom in, go to the bottom of the window and increase the percentage.
  15. image05
    • I do this to REALLY make sure I’ve removed all the extra space around the image.  The favicon will be just that much larger and clearer to see if you do this extra step.
    • image08
    • Repeat Steps 3-7
    • image00

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