What is LastPass?

An award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.

Are Password Managers Safe?

That depends, without one do you have a tendency to use the same password over and over again?  If you do, you’re more at risk now than with a password manager.


Why do I like LastPass?

  • It keeps me from reusing passwords
  • I only have to remember ONE password
  • I use the Form Fills feature all the time – HUGE TIME-SAVER
    • I’m an online shopper.  LastPass’ Form Fills keep me from storing my info on many different sites, while also saving me tons of time from constantly re-entering my address and phone number.
  • I can easily get to all my passwords on any device
  • I safely stored my driver’s license, passport, and credit card info when I travelled out of country
  • It generates all of my, now complicated, passwords quickly and easily
    • It also generates my clients’ passwords when I’m setting accounts up for them
  • I use it to automatically log in to certain sites, saving precious seconds by removing the time it takes me to find the login location and removing those extra button clicks
  • It also serves as a stand-alone browser on my iPhone and iPad
  • It has a fun little Security Challenge to let me know how I’m doing with online security
  • Lastly, credit monitoring

Who’s your favorite password manager?  How much has it helped you?


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