How To Make a Child Theme

What’s a child theme and why do I need one? covers it pretty well.

Here’s the easy way (AKA Cheat) to create one and make sure you did it right:

  1. Login to your WordPress site
    • Typically
  2. In the left hand menu, go to Plugins, Click Add New
  3. image03
  4. Search for child theme
  5. Click Search Plugins
  6. image05
  7. Find Orbisius Child Theme Creator
  8. Click Install Now
  9. image00
  10. Click Activate Plugin
  11. image02
  12. At the top of the Plugins page, click AppearanceOrbisius Child Theme Creator
  13. image04
  14. Find the theme you are going to use.  Under the theme name, check “Switch theme to the new theme after it is created
  15. Click Create Child Theme
  16. image01
  17. Great, you now have a child theme you can make all kinds of changes to without having to worry about losing them when you update your theme.
  18. At this step, I typically Deactivate and Delete the Orbisius Child Theme Creator Plugin because I only use it to create child themes quickly.  That’s just another plugin that could slow down my site from here on out if I don’t remove it now.

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