How to Make a Transparent Background Using Gimp 

Version 1

  1. Click on the wand AKA Fuzzy Select Tool
  2. image01
    • In this example, I only want the background to be white and not of the white parts on the image.
      1. If I wanted to change all of the white parts on the image, I would use the Select by Color Tool
      2. image05
  3. Find the Tool Options tab.  Play around with the settings, clicking the part of the image you’re trying to select in between each adjustment
  4.                            image07
  5.                           image04image00
  6. Right-click on the selected area, go to ColorsColor to Alpha
  7.                          image03
  8. In the Color to Alpha window, make sure Preview is checked, that the color you wanted to turn to alpha is correct, and that the final image is correct
  9. Click OK
  10.                           image08
  11. To save this image, go to FileExport
  12.                           image02
  13. Make sure the file type is .png
  14. In the Export Image as PNG window, make sure Save gamma is checked
  15. Click Export
  16.                           image06
  17. Done!
  18. You’re now ready to take your newly cropped, freshly painted, transparent background image to make a favicon!

Version 2

  • Skip Steps 1 & 2 from above to make a great looking favicon using Prodraw


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