Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my design project take? *chart below*


  1. After we’ve received all questionnaire answers we’ll get started.
  2. We’ll create a moodboard based on your answers, if you haven’t already created one. Moodboard creation will take 1-3 business days.
  3. You’ll review the moodboard to make sure we’re on the right wavelength. To keep projects rolling, please send your feedback within 2 business days.
  4. If a custom designed header or logo was ordered, we’ll begin working on concepts for that first. Each concept design takes 1-3 business days to complete.
  5. You’ll submit a Revision Request Form stating all the changes you would like to see made to your favorite concept, or a combination of the concepts. Please send your revision request for each page/theme/header within 2 business days of receiving all concepts. Ex: fonts from the first, colors from the second, layout of the third
  6. Each revision will take 1-3 business days to complete.
  7. We’ll complete the number of revisions requested when ordering. However, more can be added on at a la carte pricing.
  8. If you ordered a website with multiple pages, we’ll try our best to design concepts for each page at the same time; after the header, logo, and theme design has been finalized.
  9. Only after the final design has been approved, will we begin developing the theme. Development takes 1-3 business days per page.
  10. After you approve the test theme, we’ll install it on your current site! Install takes 1-2 business days.

Bottom line is, turnaround time depends heavily on response time and the number and complexity of pages and theme ordered. We do our best to deliver quality service fast without making you feel rushed. Please try to narrow down your design preferences while providing as much guidance as possible and have your content ready for each page, this will ensure a faster turnaround time with less revisions needed.


Moodboard 1-3 business days
Header/logo concepts 1-3 business days per concept
Header/logo revisions 1-3 business days per revision
Website/webpage concepts 1-3 business days per concept
Website/webpage revisions 1-3 business days per revision
Website Development 1-3 business days per theme/page
Theme Installation/Transfer 1-2 business days
I'd like to sell digital files on my WordPress website. Is that something you can assist me with?

What you’ll need for the above, in case you’re fuzzy on the details:
1) The files
2) A digital download selling plugin. Recommended:
WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart
Easy Digital Downloads
3) A payment gateway configured to accept payments. We use Mijireh, Paypal and Stripe.

We can setup your online shop and up to 10 products for $180. This includes shop and product page design (3 concepts and 3 revisions) and complete installation and configuration.

Build your perfect package and receive a free instant quote 24/7 at

The image quality makes such a difference what resolution do I need for the images to be clear?


Anything over 90dpi gets lost on the web. It’s best practice to shrink it down to 90dpi so that your site loads faster. Don’t worry, Imsanity and EWWW Image Optimizer plugins will handle that for you.

Divi documentation lists it out perfectly for us:
1 column: 1080 pixels
¾ column: 795 pixels
⅔ column: 700 pixels
½ column: 510 pixels
⅓ column: 320 pixels
¼ column: 225 pixels
Note that if you enable the parallax effect, we recommend that your images are at least the size of a standard screen size since your images will take on the width or height of the browser window (i.e. 1280px by 768px).

I have a logo design in mind and a rough sketch of it. I need someone to bring it to life for me, create a blog header, and help me move the overall feel of the logo throughout my site.

That absolutely makes sense. The logo/header is one of the most crucial parts. After that it’s just jiving fonts and colors that work well with it.

We can help bring your blog header to life! Since you already have a mockup, you could probably get away with a smaller package of less concepts and revisions needed. Some of the questions we’ll ask after purchase, to give you a good idea of what you’ll want to have on hand:
– your blog name (as you would like it to appear)
– tag line/slogan
– your product/service
– a color scheme you prefer
– any specific images that you would like incorporated
– what style do you prefer: modern, whimsical, corporate, grungy, etc…
– type of header: illustrative (includes an illustration along with the business name) or typographic (only text in a stylized manner)

For the website design, you have a few options:
1) Buy a premade theme and customize it yourself.
2) Buy a premade theme and have us customize the fonts, colors, install header, and social media icons.
3) Buy a premade theme, make a list of all the little changes you’d like to have made, and get an itemized quote.
4) Purchase a custom blog design package.

Think those over and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions at all!

You installed Jetpack and now I keep getting notified that my site is down.

There are 2 main causes for frequent ups and downs:

  1. Routine host maintenance, when they update PHP and database software. Some hosts update more frequently than others, while some are just very slow with their updates. We used to get notifications that this very site was down all the time until switching hosts. 😉 Now we almost never receive the same notifications.
  2. Or it could be catching the site during the automatic WordPress core, theme, or plugin updates. When the updater runs, it temporarily places the site in ‘scheduled maintenance’ mode. If there are a lot of updates, the updates are large, or during slow bandwidth time, it could be taking them a bit longer to run and therefore you’re getting the notifications that the site is down.

Both of the scenarios aren’t cause for worry as long as the site isn’t down more than about 5 minutes at a time. They’re completely routine and normal for every WordPress site. But if your downtime is longer, we’ll need to investigate further with logs.

I found a theme I like, now what?

You need a self hosted WordPress site.  We can:

  • Setup your domain and hosting
  • Install WordPress onto your new site
  • And even install your new template for you (You don’t even have to purchase the theme from us!)
I'd like a membership site; can you do that?

Absolutely, no problem!  We’ll start with a self-hosted WordPress site and add-on a Membership Plugin.

When looking at the WordPress hosting on GoDaddy, it gives me 2 options for the operating system. Does it matter? If so, which one?

Since we’ll be installing WordPress and using PHP quite a bit, your safest bet is to choose Linux.

If I wanted to launch my membership subscription service PLUS have an online store, is that doable?

The membership and store will work independently of each other which means they won’t interfere with one another at all.  We’ll add-on a store and a membership package. And, of course, we’ll design both to appear as if they were all built together!

I want a portfolio. What does that entail?

While portfolios may seem super pretty, awesome, and fancy, they’re built into so many themes nowadays that it’s actually easy and quick work getting one setup! For our WordPress sites we use this theme which has several different portfolio types to choose from: When you go to the site, hover over the link Portfolio in the Navigation Bar at the top and you’ll see all the different ones that are built-in! You get this premium theme FREE if you order the site through us!

Wix has all sorts of galleries, as well:

As with all of our sites, we would completely customize it to make it yours. Have a poke around those links and see if those look like some you may be interested in, and let us know!

How do I install this nifty HTML Email Signature you guys just made for me?

The short version of how to install them is to:

  1. open a Chrome browser – new tab
  2. drag the HTML file into the browser window
  3. select all
  4. copy
  5. open your email client signature area
  6. paste

*Sometimes images look broken at this stage.  That’s ok, just close the signature preferences and begin a new message.  Your signature should show up properly.

Specific guides:
Outlook –
Gmail –
Mac Mail –
iPhone and iPad –

If you have any issues at all, just ask!

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